No pictures please, I'm reading.

No pictures please, I'm reading.

     Evie loves her books. We’ve been reading to her since almost day one. Now, thanks in large part to library book sales and Goodwill, she has a huge library of all her own books. When we bring home a book that she really likes she’ll only let us get so far as we read, a few pages at first, then she’ll want to start over at page one. We go through this until she memorizes just about the entire book. She’s so proud of herself when she can finish a sentence while we read. She’s amazing. In the photo above, she’s reading her current favorite; A Potty For Me, through she simply refers to it as “Potty Book” (it’s in the picture above, along with numerous other photos). This book has become her security book. Often the first words out of her mouth when she wakes up is “Potty Book!”. She wants to hold while she drifts off to sleep, while she takes a bath, and while she eats. As you might imagine, it’s completely held together with tape now.

Here’s a short list of Evie’s other current favorites:

This is Evie’s security book.
A Potty For Me

“UNLESS”. If only everyone were as wise as Dr. Seuss.
The Lorax

When I’m putting Evie to sleep and we come to the part of this book where Mrs. Bear gives Sam a kiss, Evie always leans over and gives me a nice, big smooch. That’s the best part of my day.
Kiss Good Night

This is one of Daddy’s favorites as well. A little Zen for kids.
The Gift Of Nothing

We got this book, along with many others, from the library for about 50 cents!

When we finish reading this one and Evie wants us to read it again she says “More Dooby!”. I love that kid.
Dooby Dooby Moo

The adventures of Pickle the kitten. So cute!
The Little Kitten

Oh la la! Great story and illustrations.
The Happy Lion

I loved this book as a kid, so does Evie!
Danny And The Dinosaur


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  1. PEPSIDAD Says:

    Did I get lost? This looks like! Great layout Sean!

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